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Back To Diesel Products>Bosch sets up new joint venture to develop diesel exhaust aftertreatment solutions
Source: BI-ME , Author: BI-ME staff Posted: Wed January 27, 2010 1:19 pm

UAE. Robert Bosch GmbH has announced that it has recently signed a joint venture agreement to establish Bosch Emission Systems GmbH & Co. KG, which will specialise in the area of diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems, catering to manufacturers of construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

The UAE represents a key target market of Bosch Emission Systems as statistics from the Environment Department of Dubai Municipality has shown that vehicles in the emirate collectively take 3.1 million trips a day, a figure expected to dramatically increase to 13.1 million by 2020, resulting in a further surge in the level of vehicle emissions, which already account for over 75 per cent of Dubai’s air pollutants.

Taking advantage of the core exhaust aftertreatment expertise of the joint venture's stakeholders – Robert Bosch, DEUTZ AG and Eberspächer GmbH & Co KG – Bosch Emission Systems will develop complete system solutions for construction, agricultural machinery and various commercial vehicles.

Bosch Emission Systems offers complete systems that incorporate electronic control and, if required, optimised burner technology for the regeneration of diesel particulate filters.

The new company has started operations in January 2010, while series production is poised to commence in the third quarter of 2010.

“The UAE and the rest of the GCC collectively represent a key market for Bosch Emission Systems in view of the growing concern of authorities in the region about rising emission levels from non-road and on-road vehicles.

In this regard, we believe that more stringent regulations will be implemented in the future, which will subsequently trigger a significant increase in demand for exhaust aftertreatment systems," said Volker Bischoff, General Manager, Robert Bosch ME.

Bosch Emission Systems' headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany, which houses its engineering, sales and administration offices.

Targeting manufacturers of engines and machinery worldwide, the company's product range is tailored to mobile machinery such as excavators, wheel loaders, tractors, and combine harvesters, as well as to stationary machinery. Commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses are a further area of use.

Technologically, the concept of the joint venture is based on a modular principle, which enables Bosch Emission Systems to draw on a large pool of standard components in developing a customised exhaust aftertreatment system that suits any vehicle or machine. Bosch brings its expertise and know-how as an engine manufacturer to the joint venture, having been a global leader in building customised solutions for clients worldwide.

By exclusively using standardised parts, Bosch Emission Systems secures a clear competitive advantage when it comes to cost as well as time efficiency, particularly during development and validation.

It also enhances flexibility; for individually designed tubing solutions, this means that the restricted installation space in mobile machinery can be used in the best possible way.

The modular concept likewise allows Bosch Emission Systems to fill a gap in the market as it provides effective solutions whenever the cost of an individually engineered solution of the kind seen in large-scale series production for on-road vehicles is too high.

"Our goal is to establish Bosch Emission Systems as a technologically advanced and leading supplier of complete diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems.

We have pooled together the best and most experienced engineers and corporate executives to be part of the pioneering team behind Bosch Emission Systems, which has been established with a distinct corporate identity and works independently of its parent companies.

From the outset, the joint venture will stand for high quality because the associates assigned to the company have comprehensive experience and know-how relating to a very wide range of applications," concluded Bischoff.

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