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Back To Diesel Products>Diesel-Hybrid Helicopter Concept Showcased in Berlin

EADS will showcase a diesel-electric hybrid helicopter concept and aviation biofuel made from algae at the 2010 ILA Berlin Airshow next week at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport.

Hybrid helicopter concept. A full-scale model of a conceptual helicopter with a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system displays EADS Innovation Works’ research towards more efficient propulsion system solutions for future small helicopters. Fuel consumption and emissions can be considerably reduced by the hybrid propulsion technology.

EADS Innovation Works exhibits will be complemented by selected displays of Eurocopter’s environmentally friendly “bluecopter” technologies. These include the Blue Edge main rotor blade, which provides a passive reduction in noise levels, using a double-swept shape different from present-day blades. The piezo-active rotor control system called Blue Pulse has the primary objective of reducing noise levels generated by the interference of the rotor blade tip vortices from one rotor blade with the following blades.

Algal fuels. EADS sees algae as a promising source of sustainable jet fuel, because biofuels from algae offer the potential of sufficient life-cycle carbon-dioxide reductions to eventually replace petroleum-based jet fuel. In the long term, microalgae can be produced in sufficiently large quantities in closed bioreactors without competing with food production for land and water, EADS asserts.

EADS research shows that all necessary technologies to develop the production of biofuel from algae are known, but to achieve economies of scale in the production of algae fuel industrial requires further development. EADS is working with partners on a pilot project to develop the necessary industrial infrastructure.

EADS Innovation Works will exhibit a containerized photo-bioreactor made by IGV GmbH as an example for advanced algae cultivation. Another exhibit explains the process chain from live algae fed with carbon dioxide through harvesting, drying, oil extraction and refining to the biofuel used by future aircraft.

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