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Stanadyne is known around the world as a leading supplier of diesel fuel systems and components.

BorgWarner Turbo Systems

For passenger or commercial vehicles, industrial, locomotive or marine engines: whatever the application, BorgWarner Turbo Systems has just the right turbocharging system

Holset Turbo

Cummins Turbo Technologies is the world leader in the design and manufacture of turbochargers for medium to heavy-duty diesel engines.

Biodiesel Magazine

"The World of BioDiesel at your fingertips"

The Association of Diesel Specialists

The Association of Diesel Specialists is the worldwide diesel industry's leading trade association, dedicated to the highest level of service on diesel fuel injection and related systems.

Bosch Car Service

The Bosch Service network is a collection of the top independent repair centers, servicing gasoline, diesel and hybrid-driven vehicles.

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