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1994 (Partial Year) GM 6.5L DS Fuel Pump with BRAND NEW DTech PMD

  • MSRP: $995.00
  • You Save: $167.41 (17%)
  • Brand: DTech
  • Condition: Re-manufactured
  • SKU: DT650004R
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DT650004R
  • Interchange Part Number: DT650004
  • Other Part Number: DT19208316
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • MPN: DT650004R
  • Core Charge: Yes
  • Is Proposition Required: 1
  • California Prop 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Dipaco DTech

DS Fuel Pump
with a
Dipaco DTech
for the
GM 6.5L Diesel Engine 
Model Year


Part numbers

On the GM 6.5L diesel engine with an electronically controlled DS injection pump, two different injection pumps are used in the 1994 model year.

Use of the incorrect pump will cause engine performance problems including;
slow acceleration, low power,
running rough, and smoking.

DT650004R Injection Pump Applications

heavy duty, pickup truck,
van and cab chassis.

You need the
DT650004R Injection Pump if 
The eighth digit
of the VIN is F
and the
engine RPO is L65

Note that some of these trucks were modified to use the DT650003R pump by changing the PCM calibration PROM.

If your 1994 vehicle does not match the VIN and RPO above then you need a
DT650003R Injection Pump

Cross Reference Numbers
DT650004R Injection Pump

 10225929, 1255816, 17800076,
17800113, and 19208316 

DS4831-5068 and DS4831-5941

Core Deposit Policy

There is a separate $150.00 core deposit
in addition to the price shown

if the core is not returned

You have 45 days to return the core(s).

We will only Charge your Credit Card if the Core(s)
are not returned within 45 days of Delivery.

Call us toll free at 1-800-371-5229 to arrange
for your Credit Card Core Return Guarantee.

Core Return Policy

Diamond Diesel pays the shipping cost of the core return!

1) We will send a UPS return tag with your  order.

2) Return the core(s) in the box that we shipped your order in.

3) Please package the return core(s) the same way we shipped your order.

4) Place the Return Label over the original label.

5) Drop the box off at the shipping company that delivered the package.

6) We will destroy your Credit Card Security information after the Core(s) are returned

7) The core returned must be the same as what you purchased.

Core Deposit Policy
1) Given the cost of International Shipping we do not pay for the cost of returning the core(s).
2) The core deposit shown will be charged at the time of sale and refunded only if the customer returns the used core at their cost within 60 days. 
3) The product will not be shipped until the core deposit is paid.

              No exceptions!

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1994 (Partial Year) GM 6.5L DS Fuel Pump with BRAND NEW DTech PMD1994 (Partial Year) GM 6.5L DS Fuel Pump with BRAND NEW DTech PMD
1994 (Partial Year) GM 6.5L DS Fuel Pump with BRAND NEW DTech PMD