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Diesel fuel test can detect water content

March 18th, 2018 9:18 pm

Diesel fuel test can detect water content

Until recently “water detecting paste” was the only way to detect water in a fuel tank. Water detecting paste only tells operators they have water at the bottom of their tank. It does nothing to detect the suspended water that is doing damage to a diesel engine’s key parts.

The Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering, Auburn, California, Fuel Test #W-1 is the early warning system to test for 200 parts per million suspended water in diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene and gasoline. It tells the operator if water is suspended in the fuel and near the point where it drops out and becomes free water then causing major problems.

The results are immediate. The kit consists of one 2 dram glass vials with the reaction powder capsule in it and one transfer pipette.

For more information, contact Diamond Diesel and Turbo or visit www.dieselcraft.com.

Source: High Plains/Midwest AG Journal

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