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The Real Facts About Diesel Fuel


Despite what they say, the diesel fuel you purchase does not have adequate lubrication, as well as other important properties, to get the maximum life from your fuel injection system.

# 1 The Oil Companies do not guarantee the diesel fuel after it is sold to the fueling station. Contaminants such as algae, water, and dirt can and do exist in Fuel Stations Tanks as well as your tank.

# 2 Why does Ford, GM, Deere, Navistar and Volkswagen, among other OEM's, recommend you use Stanadyne Fuel Additives when they have no vested interest in this fuel additive? They recommend this fuel additive because it works and is cost effective.

# 3 Ford issued a "special service message" in mid December dealing with gelling or freezing of diesel fuel. The bulletin suggested that fuel additives maybe required to avoid the problem. The bulletin also noted that there are more than one hundred such products on the market with varying quality and features. However, the message specifically advises; that "STANADYNE PERFORMANCE FORMULA" IS THE MOST ACCEPTABLE ADDITIVE.

# 4 Volkswagen, in a similar kind of technical bulletin, cited poor engine performance when ambient temperatures fell below freezing. Volkswagen offered the following advice: Add 8 oz per 15 gallons of diesel fuel of STANADYNE PERFORMANCE FORMULA DIRECTLY TO THE FUEL TANK.

# 5 General Motors recommends in service bulletin issued on 02-08-05 the following:
1. If metal is found in the 6.5L diesel fuel system while completing special policy 00064F complete bulletin 99-06-04-047A as it is written. Do not remove the fuel tank unless bulletin 99-06-04-047A advises the dealer to do so. Check the repair history on the vehicle. If the vehicle is a 94,95, or 96 year model, but has already had an updated pump installed (19970r later) complete the fuel system cleaning bulletin as if the vehicle is a 1997 or newer vehicle. Multiple tank removals should not be needed.
2. The Stanadyne Lubricity Additive will be suggested for use on any repeat 6.5L fuel injection pump concerns. The additive can also be suggested if the dealer is experiencing repeat 6.5L fuel injection pump concerns on other vehicles in his area.
3. Two pint size bottles of Stanadyne Lubricity Additive should be used during the break in period of the repeat 6.5L fuel injection pump. Follow the Stanadyne Lubricity Additive instructions for fuel mixing.
4. The dealer should contact a local Stanadyne Dealer to order the Stanadyne Lubricity Additive. The Stanadyne part number for the Pint size treatment bottle is 32174. The Pint size bottle will treat 120 gallons of fuel.

Question And Answer

Can automatic transmission fluid (ATF be added to the diesel fuel to increase lubricity and to help clean engine deposits?

It is not a good practice and likely will cause far more problems than it could solve. Using ATF in this way is something of an "old truckers tale" and has been used on everything from Volkswagens to Class 8 trucks. Another erroneous strategy is to add old or new engine oil for lubricity. The problem with these "additives" is they are specifically designed to resist high temperatures and burning. As a result, if they are added to diesel fuel they leave behind ash, heavy metals, and other deposits that can easily cause costly damage to fuel injectors and other sensitive engine components. The best practice is to use quality diesel fuel additives like Stanadyne's Performance Formula. They are designed to clean and lubricate engine components without leaving behind residues that can be hazardous to your engine's health. The bottom line is, don't add anything that is not specifically designed to be combusted in the engine.