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Stanadyne Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

The following Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are for Stanadyne premium Diesel Fuel Additives Diamond Diesel Service Inc. offers.
Select the SDS sheet of choice to view the document by clicking on the link in the part number column.
Once the document is opened you may either print a copy or save it to a location on your computer by using the save or print menu options from the file menu.

Part Number Description
38557, 45696, 38558 Gasoline Additive (pdf)
38564, 38565, 38566, 38567, 38568 Performance Formula® (pdf)
43562, 43564, 43566 Performance Formula® Injector Cleaner (pdf)
43568, 43570, 43572, 43574, 43573 Performance Formula® – Warm Weather Blend (pdf)
38559, 38560, 38561, 38562, 38563 Lubricity Formula® (pdf)
38574, 45697, 38575, 38576 Winter 1000® (pdf)