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Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives

Stanadyne Fuel Additives

View the video for more information about the benefits of Stanadyne fuel additives.

Stanadyne diesel fuel additives are the only ones in the world that are:

  • Made by a fuel injection systems manufacturer
  • Tested and approved by major diesel engine and vehicle manufacturers
  • Proven to perform best in independent tests

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Stanadyne Products - Available Online

Stanadyne Gasoline Additive 8 ounce bottle

Stanadyne Gasoline Additive +

Don't have a DIESEL ENGINE? Stanadyne has you covered. Designed to protect your gasoline Direct Injection as well as traditional gas fuel systems

Stanadyne Performance Formula

Performance Formula

The premium all-season, multi-function diesel fuel additive, designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem.

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Stanadyne Lubricity Formula

Lubricity Formula

Extra strength lubricity improver for use with very dry or “winter blend” fuels such as, jet fuel, kerosene or #1 diesel

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Stanadyne Winter 1000 Formula

Winter 1000

Economic cold weather protection

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Stanadyne Warn Weather Blend

Warm Weather Blend

Formulated to provide the same benefits as Performance Formula All Season (Blue Label) without cold weather protection. Performance Formula Warm Weather Blend is recommended when ambient temperatures are above 40°F (4° C).
Important: To achieve maximum benefits, Additives should be used all year, not just during the cold winter months. For ultimate warm weather protection against fuel related issues, use Performance Formula Warm Weather Blend.

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Stanadyne Injector Cleaner

Injector Cleaner

Performance Formula Injector Cleaner is formulated to prevent and eliminate Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) commonly found in Common Rail and other type of Injectors. These deposits affect injector performance, which results in various engine related issues.

Performance Formula Injector Cleaner is a “One Tank” Clean-Up of concentrated detergents designed to eliminate & prevent internal and external deposits from forming on injectors. The result is restored Engine Performance, Increased Horsepower, and Improved Fuel Economy.

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